From home appliance installation to new construction wiring, Current Connections, Inc does it all.

Will there be any service charges per visit?

Yes, there is a fixed minimum charge per visit, however if the service is provided, it will be adjusted in the final bill.

Is there any transportation cost involved for the raw materials to be delivered?

Yes and it has to be borne by the customer. However a proper bill will be given to assure the right amount is charged.

Is there any insurance/ guarantee of services?

In case of services provided, if the is a problem with the service( Not the Material ) within 7 days, the next visit for the same problem would be free of charge within those 7 days of finishing the job.

Does someone need to be home when the technician arrives?

Not necessarily. You can make arrangements for them to enter if you aren’t available, but it is preferable for you to be there and schedule an appointment accordingly.

Who is responsible for breakage/ damage to the property?

Each handy man/ technician himself is responsible. Generally it is a good idea to talk to and detail out your expectations to the person beforehand. In case of such situations Current Connections, Inc will not be liable.

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